Tis' The Season To Be Conscious: Gift Edition

But you have to start early!

Conscious Gift Giving

November is that weird month that is in between Halloween and Christmas, and I can’t help but start planning for the holidays and get festive while doing so. This post is specifically about gift ideas, But don’t worry if you don’t share gifts, I’ve added some non-gift-giving gifts FOR THE HOLIDAYS… Just read below!

Note ~ THIS POST IS not sponsored.

Eco-Friendly Clothing & Accessories

Of course we are going to promote our own products, but we’ve also added some of our favourite accessory and shoe brands!

Non-Toxic Beauty

When picking a toxic-free beauty product, do check the rating of each product on the Think Dirty app. If you haven’t heard of this app, I highly recommend you do! They rate each beauty product based on their ingredients (0-clean, 10-dirty), and state why each ingredient is ‘dirty’ or ‘clean’ and how it affects our health. Some brands have products that are cleaner than others. These are our top five faves!


  • Soap ~ check for some unique recipes by natural living ideas!

  • Lip balm ~ check out this 3-ingredient vegan coconut lip balm by Coconut Mama.

  • Baked treats ~ take a sunday afternoon and bake some holiday inspired cookies and wrap them in festive wrapping (we’ll be doing a post on eco-friendly wrapping next month!). We suggest some form of kraft paper and add your own design with white felt or paint!

Give Back

  • Volunteer at a charity of your choice ~ some examples would be to make sandwiches and feed the homeless, foster a pet, volunteer at a shelter, host your own fundraiser

  • Donate old blankets and sheets to an animal shelter (the SPCA or Humane Societies are always looking for these types of donations)

  • Sponsor a family ~ there are many families who don't have much, and your donation would mean the world to them.
    Some examples in the lower mainland (Vancouver) include Adopt-A-family, Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau, YMCA. Do a quick google search to find a cause you feel is a right fit for you.


  • Theatre ~ check your local arts theatre for upcoming plays. Get tickets early as they probably sell out quick!

  • go for high tea ~ check out Groupon for 2 for 1 specials! most high tea places will accomodate vegetarians/ vegans/ allergies, just make sure you call ahead and tell them your preferences. There’s a vegan, gluten-free high tea place in Vancouver called Indigo Cafe.

  • Cooking class ~ Whip up some delicious new recipes with your loved ones! Not only is this a fun experience and memory, but the best part is you get to eat everything after!

    I hope this little pre-planning gift guide can help you feel a little bit more organized this year when prepping for the holiday season! Be sure to check back in december for our eco-friendly gift-wrapping edition!



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