Best Sustainable Womenswear Design Company - Bellantoni from Canada

Best Sustainable Womenswear Design Company

We’ve recently been awarded the Best Sustainable Womenswear Design Company by LUX Magazine. We are honoured to be acknowledged for this award, and will continue to learn and work towards a more sustainable fashion industry. Thank you LUX Mag!

"An honorable mention goes to Bellantoni for their pretty light blue number. As a publication that is always searching for “editorial looks”, it is refreshing to see designs that stray from basic into the territory of “designer” in a way that is always difficult to find in sustainable fashion. We hope to see more of this in the future. The world has more than enough pairs of PET yoga leggings. Let’s see more of this please!" - Trend Prive Magazine

"By favouring versatile silhouettes and painting the collection in a muted palette of soft pink, blue, and black, Bellantoni is hoping to maximize the wearer’s mileage with each item. She’s also chosen to stay clear of zippers, instead opting for inven­tive tie and button closures." - The Georgia Straight

"Bellantoni is a label that carries sustainable design in women's wear. Their collection is very down to earth with comfortable cuts for everyday wear. I really love the fact that all the fabric scraps are saved and used to make pet beds, which are then donated to local animal shelters. Speaking of giving back to the community! As an animal lover, that really speaks to me." - Her Sassy Closet