Recycled Rose Sateen Scrunchie

Recycled Rose Sateen Scrunchie


We’ve expanded our scrunchie collection to include unique upcycled ones to add more variety to your hair styles. This luxurious sateen scrunchie definitely adds some shine to your hair. It is made from leftover fabric from the manufacturing business. We only have a small amount of this fabric, so be sure to get yours soon!

As part of our mission to minimize our waste, we make our scrunchies from the leftover fabric from each of our collections, manufacturing scraps from other companies or upcycled materials. Not only are they made from our sustainable textiles, but each purchase saves our fabric from going into a landfill!

Wear your scrunchie in a top knot, a flirty ponytail or a braid.

~ Eliminating textile waste, one scrunchie at a time. ~

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