Our textiles & design

1) Certified Organic Textiles

All organic cotton fabrics used for production are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. By using certified organic cotton, we are reducing the risk of toxins from fertilizers and pesticides from harming cotton farmers, and being emitted into the atmosphere.

2) Recycled/Upcycled Textiles

Recycled fabrics refers to post-consumer waste, or unwanted clothing. The term "Upcycled" is used when old garments have been repurposed into new clothing. By using these fabrics, we are giving new life to old clothing. According to the Textile Waste Diversion, every pound of clothing that is reused saves approximately 3-4lbs of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

3) Toxic-Free

Toxic-free fashion refers to the process in which the material is made. When we use toxic-free fabrics, they have been certified by the Oeko-tex Standard 100, are enzyme-washed or eco-certified. All of which ensures the fabrics do not have harmful chemicals in the dyes or fertilizers that may have been used to make the fabrics.

4) Pre-Consumer Waste

Pre-consumer waste refers to any fabrics that are unused and leftover after being cut out for production. This can be from excess fabric leftover after cutting, wrongly cut pieces and unused fabric. Our pre-consumer waste comes from other designers, companies, students and home sewers. While some of these fabrics are not classified as "sustainably made," we are keeping them from being dumped into landfills. Many large manufacturers throw out their excess fabrics into nearby landfills. A majority of these fabrics are man-made synthetics, which are meant to NEVER decompose. So by throwing them into landfills, they sit there for the rest of their lives and emit CO2 into the air.

4) Modular Design

Modular design refers to the ability for one garment to be worn in 2+ ways. We try to incorporate modular design into our garments to provide you with a more versatile piece. This is a sustainable practice because it creates a longer lifespan for the garment and added value. 

5) Zero Waste Design

At Bellantoni, we never throw out our fabric scraps. We have created garments with the process of zero-waste design, and continue to collect fabric scraps from students and local designers/sewers to create them into new designs and small accessories. We also use all of our pre-consume waste and make them into pet beds for pets at local animal shelters!

6) Seasonless Style

Many of our pieces are transitional, or seasonless, meaning that you can wear an item from our fall/winter collection well into the spring/summer time. we don't want you to have to store your clothing and only wear them based on the seasons. you should be able to wear them all year round!

Made to Order

For our first line of garments available to you, everything is Made-To-Order. This means that when you purchase one of our products, we begin making it. This reduces the amount of leftover dead stock (waste). Please expect to wait up to 3 weeks before your purchase is received.

Made in Vancouver, Canada

All of our garments are hand-made in Vancouver. For our first line of product, the designer is sewing each garment herself, however, we plan to begin working with a local manufacturer when we start receiving larger orders. By keeping our manufacturing within Canada, we are reducing the amount of travel-time throughout our supply chain and supporting our local industry. Plus, this enables us to be a part of the entire design and manufacturing process to ensure best practices are made.


Our garments are shipped in recyclable polymailers made with 100% Post-Consumer & Post-Industrial Waste (EcoEnclose). They are also reusable, so if you need to make a return or exchange, or simply want to reuse the packaging, you can!

recycled paper

whenever we print our marketing material, which includes business cards, hangtags, promotion flyers, etc., we pay a little extra to ensure that we use recycled paper made from post-consumer paper. we like to save a few trees with each design!

Energy Efficient

At BELLANTONI, we use the energy-efficient irons: the Rowenta Eco-Intelligence Iron. It saves 25% of energy than a regular iron, and its packaging is made with 100% recycled materials. We believe in sustainable practices in all levels of production.