10 Changes For Climate Change

There is no doubt that we’ve seen the effects of climate change massively impact our planet over the past 10 years. From the rise of forest fires blazing in various parts of the world, to unwavering tornados spreading across countries, it is time that we all do our own part to collectively work towards helping Mother Earth.

With the start of this new decade, we want to provide you with 10 easy changes that you can do this year that will make a difference. We truly believe that every small act contributes to a large impact and can make a difference. If we consider Mother Earth on a daily basis and make small attainable changes, we are doing our part. Please let us know in the comments what acts you do.

1. Swap Out The Plastic In Your Kitchen

  • Ziploc bags —> reusable, BPA-free (re)Zip bags

  • Plastic tupperwear —> glass tupperwear, mason jars, reuse glass jars from foods (like pickle jars)

  • Plastic bags for fruits & vegetables —> bring your own mesh bag or DIYed bag or grow your own (if you can)

  • Vegetables covered with plastic —> stop buying these, opt for vegetables you can grab in bulk (ie. put mushrooms in brown paper bags instead of buying the mushrooms in black containers and seran wrap

  • Seran wrap —> beeswax wraps (like Abeego, the quality lasts)

  • Plastic takeout —> order “pick up” and bring your own takeout container (ie. bring a bento box for sushi takeout)

For more swap ideas, read our “Zero Waste Swaps” post.

2. Say No To Plastic Everywhere You Can

  • Plastic water bottles —> bring your own or buy glass water bottles (like VOSS) or boxed water bottles (like FLOW)

  • Plastic doggy doo bags —> compostable ones

  • Plastic grocery bags —> bring your own or opt for a brown paper bag

  • Plastic straws —> ask for no straw or bring your own metal straws

  • Plastic laundry containers —> Boxed powder detergent, recyclable packaged detergent

  • Plastic shampoo & conditioner —> shampoo/conditioner bars

    3. Eat Less Meat Or Stop Altogether

    • Try Meatless Mondays

    • Go Vegetarian

    • Go Vegan

      4. Stop Buying Fast Fashion

      • Shop second-hand

      • Shop from sustainable clothing brands (like us)

      • Swap with your friends


      We know that fashion is one of the most polluting industries, and continuing to support the companies that are having a huge negative environmental and social impact on the planet shows them that they do not need to make any changes.

      5. Be Conscious When Travelling

      • Carpool instead of driving everywhere

      • Bike —> my husband bikes to work and not only does he save on carbon emissions from our car, but he gets a great workout in every day which helps with both physical and mental well-being

      • Walk —> again, helps with both physical and mental well-being while being nice to the planet

      • Transit instead of drive —> by taking transit, the energy used to take you from A to B is being used for multiple people instead of one person

      • Travel less, in general

        6. Fund Those Helping Nature

        • Support brands and companies that support our planet

        • Donate to a cause working towards restoring nature (ie. planting trees)

          7. Go Paperless When You Can

          • Paper card with plastic & non-biodegradable glitter —> virtual card or recycled paper card

          • Paper meeting minutes —> use a meeting app (like Soapbox)

          • Paper newspaper —> online subscription

          8. Reduce Your Food Waste

          • Food scraps —> pack them in the freezer & make them into vegetable broth, then compost the leftovers

          • Plan your meals —> take your Sunday afternoon and plan out the meals you are going to have for the next few days, or if you’re overly organized, plan for the entire week

          • Buy what you need —> my husband and I started only going to the grocery store on Sundays and Wednesdays with a specific list of what we were going to make the following 3-4 days. This also saves on how much you spend each month!

            9. Educate Yourself

            • News

            • Books (like “On Fire” by Naomi Klein)

            • Documentaries (like “The True Cost”, “River Blue”, “Cowspiracy”, “A Plastic Ocean”, “An Inconvenient Truth”)

            • Follow sustainable advocates on social media

              10. Talk About It

              • Bring up these topics with friends and families

              • Attend meetups dedicated to sustainability, shoreline cleanups, veganism, etc.


              All photos sourced from Unsplash and Canva

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