Sustainable Practices

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Made in Canada

All of our clothing and accessories are handmade in Vancouver, Canada.

Ethical Production
Small Batch & Made To Order

Small Batch: We produce small quantities of particular styles to ensure that we do not over-produce our collections and create waste for our planet.

Made-To-Order: Some of our items are Made-To-Order, which means we begin cutting and sewing the piece(s) once we receive the order.

Made in Vancouver: All of our garments are designed, drafted and hand-made in Vancouver by the designer, local pattern-makers and seamstresses. By keeping our production within Canada, we are reducing the amount of travel-time throughout our supply chain and supporting our local industry. Plus, this enables us to be a part of the entire design and manufacturing process to ensure best practices are made.

Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. It is the intentional, holistic and slow approach to fashion design. It is a concept that equates to creating clothing that is made to last with sturdy materials, quality sewing and classic designs that one can wear for years to come.

Slow fashion collections are produced at a slower rate than that of fast fashion, having only 2-4 collections per year vs 52 “micro-seasons” per year.

Modular Design

Modular design refers to the ability for one garment to be worn in 2+ ways. We try to incorporate modular design into our garments to provide you with a more versatile piece. This is a sustainable practice because it creates a longer lifespan for the garment and added value. 


At Bellantoni, we never throw out our fabric scraps. We have created garments with the process of zero-waste design, and continue to collect fabric scraps from local designers/ sewers to create them into new designs and small accessories - such as our scrunchies!

All of our tiny fabric scraps are recycled with FABCYCLE.