How To Have a More Mindful Holiday Season

December often times becomes a hectic, stressful, shop-fest for some people. We’re bombarded with shopping ads to buy gifts for our loved ones, often times things they don’t want or even need. We can get so focused on this need to buy gifts and need to make the perfect dinner for family, that we can sometimes forget the reason and purpose behind celebrations.

Whether you celebrate during December or are just looking for ways to slow down your life, these tips are for you!

1. Don’t Fill Up All Of Your Evenings

Do you often say YES to too many commitments? December can be filled with holiday staff parties, outings with friends, family get together, etc. and we can easily see our calendars fill up to the brim. Our recommendation is to pick one night per week to have down time for yourself. Pick one day out of the week, block it off in your calendar, and if you are invited to do something that night, say NO. If you need to physically add it into your calendar, do so. We need to give our minds and body’s a break.

2. Create A Morning Or Night Routine That Allows You To Calm Your Mind And Body

Whether you’re a morning person or a night person, having a routine that you can rely on every day that allows you to calm your mind and body is so, so important. Even if you only have 10 minutes per day for this down time, that’s totally fine. Take that 10 minutes for yourself.

Some 10 minute ideas:

  • 10 minute meditation ~ either a guided meditation like Headspace or Tara Brach or simply play calm music

  • 10 minute yoga video ~ our favourite is Yoga With Adrienne

  • 10 minute workout video ~ simply youtube “10 minute workout”

  • 10 minute journal entry - write how you feel, or write what you’re grateful for

  • 10 minute stretching ~ lay on your bed or yoga mat and stretch

  • 10 minute reading ~ cozy up with your favourite book

    3. Try A Meditation Challenge

    Sometimes having a form of accountability can get us to actually do things that aren’t at the top of our priority. Why not challenge yourself to slow down and meditate for 10 minutes per day. There are a ton of these challenges online. You can give our 10x10 Meditation Challenge where we challenge you to meditate for 10 minutes each day for 10 days (10x10). Each day has it’s own focus where we challenge you to think about what that word means to you, reflect on how it applies to your life and see what comes up. Share the photo on instagram and tag us at @bellantonidesigns with the hashtag #10x10meditation.

    4. Write Down 5 Things You Are Grateful For & Post It Somewhere Visible 

    Grab a piece of paper and write down 5 things you are grateful for and post it somewhere visible that will help you remember them each day. We can get so busy with our day-to-day to do list, so it’s great to have a constant reminder.

    5. Invite Your Family Or Friends For A Night-In

    Instead of joining the holiday rush outside or facing the cold, have a night in! Make some popcorn and watch a movie or play a board game with friends and/or family. Often times these are the best memories, plus they’re great for your wallet!

    6. Do Yoga ~ In Class Or At Home

    Book yourself a class at your local yoga studio. It’s a great way to dedicate 1 whole hour to your own self care without distraction. If your budget is tight, do a yoga video (like Yoga With Adriene) or look for a local yoga class that is by donation (Nada Grocery hosts free yoga every week in Vancouver!).

    7. Write In A Journal

    Take a few minutes and start writing everything that comes to your mind. Do a literal brain dump. These are great to get out the thoughts and feelings you may be bottling up inside. It’s important to release this energy in a positive way so it doesn’t come out later in a negative way.

    8. Move Your Body

    Exercise is always a good idea. Not only is it great for our physical health, but our mental health as well. Go for a walk outside, jog on the treadmill, lift weights at the gym or workout at home. Do something that gets your body moving and sweat a bit.

    9. Do Something For Yourself ~ Activity, Selfcare, Alone Time, Etc.

    Take some ME-time for yourself. Run a hot bath, use a face mask, cook a healthy meal, enjoy a cup of tea with a book, watch a movie, etc. Do something that you enjoy. 

    10. Go Outside

    Spend some time outside with nature, even if you have to venture into the snow. Breathe in that fresh air. You’ll notice a big difference in your mood! If you cannot go outside due to weather, try breathing in the fresh air from your window.


    All photos sourced from Unsplash and Canva

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